Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff
The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient breed of working dog, pastoral nomads of the Himalayas.

Do-khyi its Tibetan name, literally means "dog door", it was indeed the traditional guardian of the Tibetan monasteries.

Although the race has changed since we found possible traces of its existence dating back over three thousand years, and a description was made about 350 years BC by Aristotle and later by Marco Polo in 1270. We also know of him he has been given to Alexander the Great who made them fight wild beasts in the arena.

It is also given as probable ancestor of dogs used by the Roman legions, whose characteristics have spread across Europe. By these means or not, some say it is the source of all the dogs and mountain dogs.

However, the species of origin (not cross) has been introduced in Europe in the nineteenth century (we know the story of a gift to Queen Victoria), and only in 1978 in France.

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Butterfly zoo

Butterfly zoo
A Butterfly zoo, also called greenhouse butterflies or butterfly garden, is an insectary which is specifically intended for presentation and raising butterflies. Some establishments also sell their animals to private customers.

The butterfly greenhouses are open to the public. The moths will flutter in total freedom in a setting evoking the rainforest. A double door is generally used to ensure that no butterflies escape is possible.

The visit of these greenhouses can be made, accompanied by a guide or alone, at leisure. Guided tours can last fifteen minutes during which the guide reminds visitors of all species of butterflies that are in the greenhouse, that day (new shipments usually arrive in the week, and stocks vary). There are often many different species in the greenhouses, with stocks including butterflies from Africa, Costa Rica, South America, Thailand, Malaysia, New Guinea, Philippines, and other country. The guides can also show eggs, larvae and pupae of butterflies, and identify some plants that are favored by each species. Between 10 pm and 13 pm is usually the best time to see butterflies emerge from their pupa.

Some Butterfly zoo have a garden, outdoor, whose vegetation has been selected to attract butterflies native species. Butterflies are very active during the hot sunny days with little wind, because they need the sun to help their digestion. On rainy days, they often hide in flowers and leaves.

The bright colors and patterns on the wings of these insects have earned their nickname for their fans' flying flowers. "

Wear a light floral fragrance, clothing and bright colors or white light, to encourage them to ask about you, but never touch a butterfly. Butterflies are attracted by a T-shirt printed with a bright Hawaiian motif, for the same reason they are attracted by the flowers, but your contact will cause damage to their delicate wings because oils from your skin and scales be easily damaged.

The adult moths live only for a period of one to two weeks, on average, during which they must produce a new generation. However, some species, like the familiar monarch in North America, can live up to six months in the wild.

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