The Azawakh is a breed of dog originating in Niger. It takes its name from the valley of the Azawakh, near the central plateau of Niger and the Mali border. It is also called Greyhound Touareg, Touareg Sloughi, or Greyhound South Sahara.

Present in the Sahel for centuries, it appears in Europe around 1970. The International Federation of Kennel Clubs recognized race in 1981 and publishes a standard in 1982.

In the beginning, this greyhound was used for hunting, speed very well suited to the pursuit of antelopes and the capture of birds in flight. Her beauty was also an animal of pageantry and companionship.

The name "Azawakh" is closer to the term "azuwakh" to mean literally in the language Kabyle (Berber): "an arrogant".

Lively and attentive, it is an animal that can be a little distant, especially with foreigners. It looks little caresses. Sweet and sensitive, it requires a patient dressage, starting from an early age. This dog is a hunter style, strong and resistant. Vigilant and fierce, it is a good goalkeeper. It also has a decided. It is an independent but affectionate dog with his master.

It does not have particular health problem.

His fine hair requires a weekly brushing.

It is a dog built for the race, which therefore needs space and lots of exercise.

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